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Who are we?

Tenacious Limited offer high-end strategic design and communication solutions at a lower cost base than your typical design agency. We manage to reduce your costs by maintaining a small, but highly-qualified and multi-disciplined team. Able to fully fuse a great creative idea with the business objective at hand, we are most comfortable assisting you, and it really doesn't matter if it's a corporate identity, an advertising campaign, digital mastering or a simple single sided flyer. We bring an in-depth knowledge and experience of agency and workflow process which will ensure delivery both effectively and efficiently while meeting the needs of clients, a role including support of the Marketing and Sales departments in creating a vision and then leading the design through to production.

Andrew Philp - Creative Director

With a career spanning over 19 years, he has been involved in creating a myriad of marketing, design and business success stories. He is responsible for re-branding multi-nationals and just about everything else that can possibly be placed under the creative remit. Delivering creativity, quality and assurance and the understanding of clients needs, led him to the formation of Tenacious, an agency that would seamlessly marry traditional design and new media design within a small but perfectly formed team.

Haydon Farrar - Technical Director

A highly experienced technical services manager with 18 years experience in the computer games industry, covering a broad range of technical and creative responsibilities. His skills are wide ranging and include Video Storyboarding and Editing for game trailers, Video Games Producing, Creation and Coding of Install Shield Installers, Copy Protection, IP and Licensing Control, Internal Duplicating and Product Quality Control. Haydon liaises with company marketing teams for development of game footage and external video production companies, for tape format conversion and capture of HD footage. Producing trailers on time and on budget and involves problem solving in encoding video from different consoles and formats have always been a key objective.

James Spice - Marketing & Business Development Consultant

Senior management, business and marketing professional with career experience spanning the computer games industry and the food and restaurant sectors. James headed up the marketing for major computer games publishers NovaLogic and Empire Interactive before establishing award winning food venue Turquoise and specialist consultancy, Games Agency.

Our team

We have a core group of talented, highly-adept designers and a professional production specialist who assist in the smooth transition of concept to finished product. While our agency is new, we're not! We have all the creative experience and technical knowledge you'll need to achieve creative and effective design with measurable results.